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Oscar  tutors in Canberra, Australia

Oscar H.

Private tutor in Canberra, Australia

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COMP1100 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms COMP1730 Programming for Scientists ENGN1211 Discovering Engineering ENGN1215 Engineering Science ENGN1217 Introduction to Mechanics ENGN1217 Introduction to Mechanics ENGN1218 Introduction to Electronics ENGN1218 Introduction to Electronics ENGN2217 Mechanical Systems and Design ENGN2217 Mechanical Systems & Design BUSN7017 Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility, Accountability and Reporting COMP1030 Art of Computing COMP1040 Craft of Computing COMP1100 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms COMP1100 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms COMP1110 Introduction to Softtware Systems COMP1110 Introduction to Softtware Systems and COMP1130 Introduction to Programming and Algorithms COMP1140 Introduction to Softtware Systems (Advanced) COMP1710 Web Development and Design COMP1730 Programming for Scientists COMP2100 Software Construction COMP2130 Software Design and Analysis COMP2140 Java Programming COMP2300 Introduction to Computer Systems COMP2310 Concurrent and Distributed Systems COMP2400 Relational Databases COMP2600 Formal Methods in Softtware Engineering COMP3100 Software Project COMP3120 Managing Software Development COMP3530 Systems Engineering for Software Engineers COMP3600 Algorithms COMP3630 Theory of Computation COMP4550 Advanced Computing Research Project SCOM8021 Ethics, Issues and Consequences of Science SCOM8501 Strategies in Science Communication SOCR8201 Introduction to social science methods and types of data SOCR8202 Using data to answer policy questions and evaluate policy SOCR8203 Advanced techniques in the creation of social science data SOCR8204 Advanced social science approaches to inform policy development and service delivery STAT1003 Statistical Techniques STAT1008 Quantitative Research Methods STAT6039 Principles of Mathematical Statistics STAT7001 Applied Statistics STAT7016 Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis STAT7017 Big Data Statistics STAT7026 Graphical Data Analysis STAT7040 Statistical Learning STAT7055 Introductory Statistics for Business and Finance VCUG3001 Unravelling Complexity COMP4560 Advanced Computing Project COMP6442 Software Construction MATH1014 Mathematics and Applications 2 MATH1115 Mathematics and Applications 1 Honours MATH1116 Mathematics & Applications II Honours MATH1116 Mathematics and Applications 2 Honours MGMT3027 Entrepreneurship and Innovation MGMT7007 Managing for Sustainability PHYS1101 Physics I PHYS1101 Advanced Physics I PHYS1201 Physics 2 PHYS2017 Waves and Optics PHYS3035 Fourier Systems and Optics PHYS6301 Wind Energy PHYS8013 Principles of Energy Generation and Transformation PHYS8014 Photonics in Bio and NanoTechnology PHYS8015 Photonics Laboratory PHYS8016 Advanced Topics in Photonics PHYS8202 Reactor Science PHYS8205 Nuclear Fuel Cycle POGO8212 Energy Politics and Governance SCNC8021 Science Research Project SCOM6003 Science in Popular Fiction SCOM6004 Science Communication Postgraduate Internship SCOM6012 Science Communication and the Web SCOM6016 Science in the Media SCOM6027 Science and Public Policy SCOM6029 Cross Cultural Perspectives in Science Communication SCOM7000 Master of Science Communication Research Project SCOM8014 Communicating Science with the Public SCOM8015 Speaking of Science ENGN2218 Electronic Systems and Design ENGN2218 Electronic Systems & Design ENGN2219 Computing for Engineering Simulation ENGN3224 Energy Systems Engineering ENGN3230 Engineering Innovation ENGN3334 Semiconductors COMP6490 Document Analysis COMP7230 Introduction to Programming for Data Scientists COMP7240 Introduction to Database Concepts COMP7310 ICT Sustainability COMP8410 Data Mining COMP8420 Bio-inspired Computing: Applications and Interfaces COMP8430 Data Wrangling COMP8600 Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning COMP8701 Communication for Computing Professionals I COMP8705 Communication for Computing Professionals II ECON8040 Resource and Environmental Economics EMDV8002 Methods for Environmental Decision-Making EMDV8013 Issues in Development and Environment EMDV8078 Introduction to Environmental and Resource Economics EMDV8080 International Climate Change Policy and Economics EMDV8081 Domestic climate change policy and economics EMDV8101 State, Society and Natural Resources EMSC6021 Fundamentals of Climate System Science ENGN1211 Discovering Engineering ENGN1215 Engineering Science ENGN2229 Dynamics and Simulation ENGN3100 Practical Experience ENGN3213 Digital Systems and Microprocessors ENGN3221 Engineering Management ENGN3223 Control Systems ENGN3226 Digital Communications ENGN3230 Engineering Innovation ENGN3331 System Dynamics ENGN3334 Semiconductors ENGN3512 Optical Physics ENGN3810 Biomechanics and Biomaterials ENGN3820 Biomedical Imaging ENGN4200 Individual Project ENGN4221 Systems Engineering Project ENGN4513 Fibre Optics Communications Systems ENGN4524 Photovoltaic Technologies ENGN4528 Computer Vision ENGN4536 Wireless Communications ENGN4537 Discrete-Time Signal Processing ENGN4613 Photonic Sensing Systems ENGN4625 Power Electronics ENGN4627 Robotics ENGN4810 Nanotechnology and Applications ENGN4820 Bio Micro and Nano Electro-Mechanical Systems ENGN6213 Digital Systems and Microprocessors ENGN6223 Control Systems ENGN6224 Energy Systems Engineering ENGN6334 Semiconductors ENGN6410 Engineering Sustainable Systems ENGN1218 Introduction to Electronics ENGN2218 Electronic Systems & Design ENGN2219 Computing for Engineering Simulation ENGN2222 Engineering Thermodynamics ENGN2225 Systems Engineering Design ENGN2226 Systems Engineering Analysis ENGN2228 Signal Processing ENGN3601 Engineering Materials ENGN4200 Individual Project ENGN4221 Systems Engineering Project ENGN4420 Sustainable Product Development ENGN4511 Composite Materials MATH1116 Mathematics & Applications II Honours PHYS1101 Advanced Physics I ENGN4516 Energy Resources and Renewable Technologies ENGN4524 Photovoltaic Technologies ENGN4525 Solar Thermal Technologies ENGN4615 Finite Element Analysis ENGN6224 Energy Systems Engineering ENGN6334 Semiconductors ENGN6516 World Energy Resources and Renewable Technologies ENGN6524 Photovoltaic Technologies ENGN6525 Solar Thermal Technologies ENGN8100 Introduction to Systems Engineering ENGN8120 Systems Modelling ENGN8150 Professional Communication I ENGN8160 Professional Communication II ENGN8170 Group Project ENGN8524 Fundamentals of Solar Cells ENGN8526 Photovoltaic module manufacturing ENGN8527 Advanced Topics in Solar Energy Technologies ENGN8528 Optics for Solar Energy ENGN6512 Optical physics ENGN6513 Fibre optic communication systems ENGN6513 Fibre Optics Communication Systems ENGN6516 World Energy Resources and Renewable Technologies ENGN6524 Photovoltaic Technologies ENGN6525 Solar Thermal Technologies ENGN6528 Computer Vision ENGN6536 Wireless Communications ENGN6537 Discrete-Time Signal Processing ENGN6613 Optical waveguide sensing ENGN6625 Power Electronics ENGN6626 Digital Communications ENGN6627 Robotics ENGN8100 Introduction to Systems Engineering ENGN8120 Systems Modelling ENGN8150 Professional Communication I ENGN8160 Professional Communication II ENGN8526 Photovoltaic module manufacturing ENGN8527 Advanced Topics in Solar Energy Technologies ENGN8538 Probability and Stochastic Processes in Engineering ENGN8602 Research Project ENGN8637 Advanced Topics in Communications and Signal Processing ENVS6005 Sustainable Urban Systems ENVS6013 Society and Environmental Change ENVS6015 GIS and Spatial Analysis ENVS6021 Participatory Resource Management: Working with Communities and Stakeholders ENVS6025 Complex Environmental Problems in Action ENVS6033 International Environmental Policy ENVS6306 Human Futures ENVS6307 Climate Change Science & Policy ENVS6319 Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS ENVS8003 Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation ENVS8005 Climate Change Science: Carbon Accounting ENVS8015 Contemporary Perspectives in Environmental Science ENVS8016 Contemporary Perspectives in Environment-Society Interaction ENVS8049 Independent Research Project IDEC8001 Applied Economics: Cost/Benefit Analysis IDEC8089 Energy Economics LAWS8180 International Climate Law LAWS8181 Australian Climate Law LAWS8189 Fundamentals of Environmental Law MATH1005 Discrete Mathematical Models MATH1005 Discrete Mathematical Models MATH1013 Mathematics and Applications 1 ENGN8534 Information Theory ENGN8535 Engineering Data Analytics ENGN8536 Advanced Topics in Mechatronics Systems ENGN8537 Embedded Systems and Real Time Digital Signal Processing MATH1013 Mathematics & Applications 1 MATH1014 Mathematics & Applications 2 MATH1115 Mathematics & Applications I Honours ENGN2222 Engineering Thermodynamics ENGN2225 Systems Engineering Design ENGN2226 Systems Engineering Analysis ENGN3100 Practical Experience ENGN3212 Manufacturing Technologies ENGN3221 Engineering Management


I have tutored students at the graduate and college in a variety of different of Engineering courses for 5 years.


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Shopping, Survival, Video Games. Pleas contact me for software:Solidworks, AutoCad, Matlab, COMSOL, HyperMesh, ANSYS, UG NXCAD, CATIA, ProE. , ANSYS Fluent, Abaqus, MATLAB, Pspice, Multisim, ETAP, Power World Simulator, PSCAD, PSS/E, LabVIEW, Keil uVision, Autocad, Revit, STAAD Pro, SAP 2000, ETABS, GeoHECRAS, 3d Home Architect, 3ds Max, Bently Road Network, recon, Revit MEP, strap, Benteley watergems/sewergems, Tekla, SAFE, Prima Vera, Take off, InSINCE,Civil 3D, ANSYS CFX, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Multiphysics, COMSOL Multiphysics, FLOW-3D, STAR-CD and STAR-CCM+, C++, Java, or MATLAB, ASPEN HYSYS & ASPEN PLUS, Process Simulators, ChemCAD, C,C++,PYTHON,Java  

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